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Letter from the 2014-2015 Yale Quest Liaison

david elias

Welcome to Hogwarts! But literally – welcome to Hogwarts!! I invite you, Yale Questies, to come with me on the experience of a lifetime! First things first, I should probably introduce myself. Hi, my name is David Elias and I will be a junior at Yale for 2014-2015. I will be the Liaison and President of our most fantastic Yale Quest Chapter and I hope to be able to serve as a guide on how you can make the most of your time here at Yale and as a part of the Quest Scholars family.

Founded in 1701, Yale is the third-oldest institution of higher learning in the U.S. and the first to award the Ph.D. It is a global institution with an unmatched academic environment and an unmatched social atmosphere. In 2007, Yale became a QuestBridge partner college and has been dedicated to helping high-achieving low-income students achieve the Yale dream, that Yale dream can be whatever you want it to be! Yale wants you to succeed so much so that it will provide students with a huge support network to help students navigate the complex and rich college environment.

Trust me when I say this, but the campus is absolutely beautiful and its beauty does not fade with age. Yale is right in the middle of New Haven, the restaurant capital of Connecticut. There is always something to do or eat which means that it is impossible to be bored. Without a doubt, Yale has an incredibly diverse student body with students who have a lot of unique and random interests. What’s even more amazing about Yale is that it wants you to pursue your interests and dreams no matter how crazy they may be! Every moment with students and professors is enriching and enhances your experience here. At Yale, we welcome you with open arms and truly hope that you find everything you are looking for here. I promise you guys with an exciting year for the Quest Scholars Network and hope that you guys take full advantage of this wonderful organization!

David Elias Yale ‘16 



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