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Letter from the 2013-2014 Williams Quest Liaison

Jonathan Burne, Williams

Welcome Quest Ephs!

My name is Jonathon Burne, and I am proud to represent such an incredible group of scholars as William's Quest Liaison.

Although I am attending Williams as a freshman this year, I can already attest to the school's unique atmosphere, educational opportunities, and student body - not to mention our quirky mascot! There isn't another school that combines academic prestige and support the way ours does, making it one of the most powerful undergraduate institutions in the nation. The community that is so strong on campus is reflected in our Quest chapter, as it has been our goal to provide a solid foundation for our Quest Scholars to branch out from and make perennial impacts on the world around them. While we challenge each other to take the road less traveled, we stand as leaders to the rest of our colleagues, inspiring them to make new paths and live up to our motto: "Climb high, climb far, your goal the sky, your aim the star."

Thank you for taking the time to read about our chapter! If you have any questions about Williams or our Quest community, you can reach me at jonathon.g.burne@williams.edu anytime!

Jonathon Burne, Williams '17

For more information, please visit the Quest Ephs Facebook Page!



Chapter Leadership

Jonathon Burne, '17
Liaison, President, & Treasurer

Wilmer Montesdeoca, '17
Freshman Representative

Minwei Cao, '17
Freshman Representative & Public Relations Officer

Mia Knowles, '16
Upperclassman Representative & Secretary

Melissa Vargas, '15
Upperclassman Representative & Historian



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Carly Valenzuela (Williams '13)
Carly Valenzuela (Williams '13)

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