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Letter from the 2014-2015 Wesleyan Quest Liaison

torii johnson

Welcome to Wesleyan’s Quest Scholars Network page! My name is Torii Johnson, and I am excited to be the 2014-2015 Quest Liaison.

As Quest Scholars, we all bring our past trials and triumphs with us. The knowledge of how to handle these situations is something we can all share to help one another along the way, and together we can find solace when facing problems some of our peers have never faced. The Quest Scholars will be a community for you at Wesleyan if you want it, & it is always there – whether you come to the first meeting during your freshman or your junior year. It can be a way to meet other people, connect, work for a cause, and anything else you want it to be. We wish to see each other succeed. I want to strive towards each individual's goals to better the whole this year with the Quest Scholars, and work closely with what we have achieved this past year to keep the ball rolling.

Passion is something that is in abundance at Wes. It's the characteristic of the environment that first drew me here; regardless of what a person is interested in, I can listen to them talk about it for hours because of the zeal and pure joy behind it. We have traveled through socioeconomic hardship to find our passions and strive for better – this unites us. Wesleyan calls itself "Diversity University" – we are one of the programs that lends much to that name, and we strive to keep working toward proving that. I love the Quest Chapter here; I've found friends, jobs, study partners, and much more within the group. We can't wait for you to come join us here at Wes!

Your Quest Liaison,
Torii Johnson '17



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