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Letter from the 2013-2014 Washington and Lee Quest Liaison

Karen Villarroel, W&L

Hello Dear Questies! Welcome to the Washington and Lee (W&L) family!

My name is Karen Villarroel and I have the pleasure to serve the Quest Scholars community as Liaison this academic year.

Feel assured that you have joined one of the most enthusiastic groups of people you’ll ever come across and that the “Questie family” ties are strong! After all, we are not the average nerds. Despite all the challenges and hardships that come from the college experience, such as moving and finals, feel assured that as a family we promote individual success and the opportunity to constantly thrive within and outside W&L. We are all here for one another and are very excited to be part of the Generals’ community. Go Generals!

As a chapter, we are all very excited to expand the Quest Scholars Network not only by working in a coalition with the service groups on campus, such as our award winning campus kitchen, but also with university clubs and organizations. We are a family that serves under the Honor System with which we reap the advantages of designing our own exam schedule as well as taking many tests at our convenience without the need to be proctored. Additionally, we have the peace of mind to leave our belongings unsupervised knowing that they will be there when we return.

We are committed to excellence and respect, and both are tied to a speaking tradition that brings the students and faculty alike together with a simple nod or hello that often surprises our visitors. Not unmindful of the future, we care for one another and for the world around us. We are very excited to meet you this year! With my kindest regards, welcome and best of luck this year and the years to come!

Karen Villarroel, Washington and Lee '16



Chapter Leadership

Karen Villarroel, '16

Dario Muniz, '16
Melissa Derby, '14

Isabella Martin, '14

Angelica Tillander, '14
Jinae Kennedy, '16
Community Service Chairs

Thao Mee Xiong, '15
Kennedy Castillo, '16
Events Chairs

DanJoseph Quijada, '15
Karen Villarroel, '16
Social Media Chairs



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Washington and Lee Table at Stanford College Fair 2011
Washington and Lee Table at Stanford College Fair 2011

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