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Letter from the 2013-2014 Vassar Quest Liaison

Rudi Williams, Vassar

First things first: congratulations and welcome to the Vassar family. My name is Rudi Williams. I am part of the Class of 2016 here at Vassar. When I first came to Vassar, I was a little nervous and excited to call Vassar my home for almost a year. I was not a National College Match but was a finalist, and this makes me a Quest Scholar as well. Here at Vassar, it’s almost a different dimension from the world around it. You can do anything here if you truly are passionate about it. Honestly, the only possible thing that could set you back is yourself. At Vassar, there are incredible people to meet, new aspects and interests you’ll discover about yourself while participating in campus activities, and above all a chance to make an impact on the world around you with the knowledge you have gained. I know this seems like a big pair of shoes to fill, but you’ll fill these shoes without noticing.

Since Vassar has no core curriculum, you are the sole creator and mastermind of your schedule and workload. You can develop your interests by taking the classes that you find most appealing. As a liberal arts school, we emphasize developing your individual talents and skills rather than developing your ability to get a 4.0, and the Quest Scholars will be here to support you as you learn and grow.

Four years of college at Vassar will seem to fly by, so take the time to extend yourself beyond academics. Fill your memories of your time at Vassar with dance parties, meeting up with your friends in the library, having dinner with your favorite teacher, eating lunch with your friends, sunbathing in the quad on a non-rainy Tuesday, or dancing with your group members in a workshop. Cherish these moments that you have because you will remember them for the rest of your life.

Having any second thoughts about Vassar? No? So come to Vassar and enjoy the ambience. Welcome to the Quest Scholar family; we are excited to have you.

Rudi Williams, Vassar '16


Chapter Leadership

Rudi Williams, '16

Derek Arrowood, '16

Cierra Thomas, '16

Jada Sacco-Hunter, '16
Outreach Coordinator

Richard Le, '17
Brooke Thomas, '17
Co-Freshmen Representatives



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