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Letter from the 2013-2014 Trinity Quest Liaison

Hamdi Abdi, Trinity

Welcome Quest Scholars to Trinity College, a small school tucked away in Hartford, CT, that houses (literally) one of the city's highest points and oldest establishments.

My name is Hamdi Abdi and my hometown is Atlanta, GA, where only the food is heavier than the heat most days of the year. I came to Trinity for the first time two days before the start of classes, still unsure of what to expect. I knew to expect classes, homework, and hopefully at some point, a place to eat food. What I didn't expect from this small school were fencers and neuroscientists, or steppers and “urbanists.” I didn't know whether or not to expect amazing professors and I sure didn't know what to expect from the students, but I quickly learned it was unthinkable not to expect amazing people doing amazing things.

I didn't expect that even in the midst of a capital city I was to welcome the unknown-at-first-but-eventually-to-die-for feel of beautiful New England. I didn't expect a year-long winter, either, but (coming from a person that couldn't bear fifty-degree winters before) I learned how to deal with it.

Welcome to Trinity, where you might not really know what you're looking for at first, but where you can expect to find it. And welcome to the Quest Scholars Network! We'll get you there.

Hamdi Abdi, Trinity '16



Chapter Leadership

Hamdi Abdi, '16

Alex Suarez, '16

Joy Kim, '17

Bettina Gonzalez, '16
Nicole Lim, '16
Social Chairs

Anne Do, '16
Community Service Chair

Malcom Moon, '15
Social Media Chair




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Quest Scholars renovate homes in Hartford
Quest Scholars renovate homes in Hartford

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