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Letter from the 2014-2015 Trinity Quest Liaison

drew mickolas

Welcome, Quest Scholars, to Trinity College (lovingly referred to as 'Camp Trin-Trin')! I'm Drew Mickolas and my hometown is Levittown, PA, a large suburb of Philadelphia. The series of events leading to my place here at Trinity was nothing short of remarkable to experience, but I still find each new semester on this campus to be the culmination of my efforts. Trinity College is a small liberal arts college with so many diverse courses to explore that you never knew existed or could exist, ranging from "The Anthropology of Violence" to "Neuroethics" and many more. This, along with passionate and esteemed professors that truly care about your intellectual progress, make Trinity an ideal place to challenge your perspective, as an institution of learning should. Our QSN Chapter is like no other—my Quest Family played a significant role in the ease of my transition into college. To call our group dynamic unique is an understatement; every member has a personality that complements their surroundings. Even outside our biweekly meetings, we see one another on a regular basis because we truly do enjoy each other's company.

Every day I find myself looking out on our picturesque campus from my sixth-story bedroom, feeling very appreciative to attend this gem tucked away in New England. I am very fortunate to have the abundance of opportunities offered by Trinity and to know my Quest Family that I love and confide in, thanks to QuestBridge. This is the perfect place for anyone to grow and make the best transition possible into the real world.

Your Quest Liaison,
Drew Mickolas ’17


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Quest Scholars renovate homes in Hartford
Quest Scholars renovate homes in Hartford

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