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Letter from the 2013-2014 Swarthmore Quest Liaison

Paul Bierman, Swarthmore

Welcome to the Swarthmore Quest Scholars page!

I’m Paul Bierman ’15, and I’m the current Swarthmore Quest Liaison.

Swarthmore is an extremely intense school. Aside from the rigor of the courses here, almost everyone here has something that they’re really passionate about (don’t worry if you don’t - you can find it while you’re here). Because of this, Swarthmore has a very supportive community where we all push each other to be better academically and as people as well. The Swarthmore Quest Scholars group also strives to be a place where people can be supportive of each other.

That’s not to say that we don’t also have fun. Every year we have excursions into Philadelphia, which are great opportunities to get away from Swarthmore, as well as to get to know other Quest Scholars better.

Every year we try to increase our presence on campus as well as hold more group events. Last year we became a part of the Intercultural Center, which has helped us get more funding and support for having more events. This year we want to take advantage of that and work on really incorporating Quest Scholars into the Intercultural Center community at Swarthmore.

If you have any questions or would just like to talk to me (whether you’re a Swarthmore Quest Scholar or not), feel free to contact me.

Paul Bierman, Swarthmore '15



Chapter Leadership

Paul Bierman, '15

Swarthmore's Quest Scholars Network is close-knit and run primarily by consensus of its members.



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