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Letter from the 2013-2014 Stanford Quest Liaison

Tracy Yang, Stanford

Let’s Go Cardinals! I am Tracy Yang, a Class of 2016 Stanford Quest Scholar. Born and raised on the sunny Golden Coast, I know for a fact that Stanford University is the place to be. Whether you meet a Cal student and “give ‘em the Axe,” dance around and kiss the Stanford Tree during Full Moon on the Quad, engage in the Stanford rite of passage we call fountain hopping (Stanford has over 25 fountains on campus!), laze around in the warm Cali sun on a winter’s day, attend a lecture by Mark Zuckerberg on computer science or Condoleezza Rice on women’s rights, spot Bill Clinton or other famous parents of alumni, or simply stop and adore the university, Stanford really does have it all. And you cannot forget our status as the PAC12 Champions and winners of the 99th Rose Bowl in Pasedena. Stanford is making history, and as Quest Scholars we play an important role.

Here at Stanford, diversity in both ethnicity and socio-economic backgrounds are celebrated. With about 7,000 undergraduate students, Stanford works at providing sufficient financial aid so that we too can aspire for our dreams of studying abroad, starting a non-profit, or simply attending and graduating from a leading university. Staying true to its motto, Die Luft der Freiheit weht, the wind of freedom blows at Stanford University.

At Stanford, Quest helps create strong friendships that can last through anything, especially all-nighters during Finals Week. But do not fear! Feel free to contact me with any concerns, comments, or questions you have about Stanford, college, and anything else! Keep in contact with us, and please know that we at Stanford’s Quest Scholars Network chapter are excited to welcome you home.

It’s All Right Now,
Tracy Yang, Stanford '16



Chapter Leadership

Tracy Yang, '16
Liaison, Director

Andrew Vasquez, '16
Chris Sackes, '16
Social/Events Co-Chairs

Danielle Marie Ola, '15
Service Chair

Kai Kane Aoki Izu, '16
Financial Officer



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