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Letter from the 2014-2015 Stanford Quest Liaison

loralee sepsey

Welcome to the forest!

My name is Loralee Sepsey, and I am absolutely thrilled to be your Stanford Quest Liaison for the 2014-2015 school year! So buckle up, get out your cameras, and hang on tight, cause Stanford is a wild, beautiful ride.

Built in 1891 as a memorial to Leland Stanford Jr., Stanford is home to the luckiest 7,000 undergraduates in the country. Whether you're baking cookies with your resident fellows or attending a lecture about existentialist philosophy, you will always be able to find something to do on the campus known for its intellectual vitality and athletic prowess. With housing guaranteed for four years, Stanford is always a place you can call home. Our large, sprawling campus is peppered with Rodin sculptures, bike racks, and delicious places to eat. And as daunting as the size may seem, you could always look up and use the 285-foot Hoover Tower as your Cardinal North Star. So go hop in some fountains (chlorinated for student use), kiss a random senior at Full Moon on the Quad, and dance with Tree at the Big Game, because, at Stanford, you've earned it.

Stanford is dedicated to meeting 100% of your demonstrated financial need, ensuring that everyone who deserves to be here is here. With an abundant federal work study program and an endowment of $18 billion, income is never a factor in Stanford's need-blind admissions process. Stanford prides itself on its ethnic diversity as well as socioeconomic, celebrating different cultures with ethnic theme houses and events, such as the annual Stanford Pow-wow. With over 650 organizations, you will always find a place to be here. Our QSN Chapter strives to be this place for you. We are unique in the midst of a campus that selects people based on their uniqueness. We support each other, offer advice, swap study tips, and enable each other to make the most out of our four years at the best place in the world. We are Stanford, and so are you.

Go Cardinal!

Your Quest Liaison,
Loralee Sepsey ‘18


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Chapter Dinner, April 2011
Chapter Dinner, April 2011

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