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Letter from the 2013-2014 USC Quest Liaison

Maite Francois, USC

Lights, camera, action! Life is like a movie here at the University of Southern California (USC). With football games that exemplify the contagious Trojan Spirit, over 750 student organizations, and 150 different majors and minors, life couldn't get any better! I'm Maite Christi Francois, a sophomore at USC and the Quest Liaison. The past year has only strengthened my belief that USC is the greatest place to be. Where else can you find the most diverse student body in America that takes so much pride in their "Trojan" family, professors that make a point to go out of their way for the betterment of their students, or a campus located in the heart of Los Angeles, a city full of internships and opportunities?

The Trojan family offers a close community geared towards the advancement of each individual. This family unit is only fortified by the paramount Greek organizations. Not into Greek life? The assortment of internships, work opportunities, volunteer efforts, and student-led projects, highlighted through the multitude of student organizations, will surely offer something unique for everyone. Being Quest Scholars, the large emphasis placed on service and leadership is equally shared by the USC community through efforts such as the Joint Education Program or Jumpstart, both geared towards bringing education to inner city kids. USC's location also offers an advantage that few can rival: Santa Monica pier, the grand Hollywood sign, and downtown L.A. are all nearby. Live - the world is at your fingertips!

The school’s general education curriculum also promotes a well-rounded education. So, whether or not you know what you plan on majoring in, have multiple interests, or are still searching, USC offers a multitude of classes as well as the opportunity to create your own interdisciplinary major that’s sure to point you in the right direction.

As part of the Quest Scholars Network, the Trojan experience is forever lasting. So contact me if you have any questions, or if you just want to grab some coffee. “Keep calm and fight on!”

Maite Christi Francois, USC '16



Chapter Leadership

Maite Christie Francois, '16

Vickie Trinh, '15

Vickie Trinh, '15
Shyann Murphy, '17
Phoenix Campos, '17
Fundraising Committee

Heather Lemaster, '17
Elise Shea, '17
Community Committee

John Timms, '15
Dylan Lee, '17
Annie Vu, '17
Social Committee

Maite Christie Francois, '16
Jennifer Lin, '16
Professional Committee

Timothy Lu, '15
Angeline Dayrit, '16
Academic Committee



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