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Letter from the 2014-2015 Rice Quest Liaison

john chen

Hey y'all! Welcome to the Rice Quest Chapter home page and congratulations on becoming Quest Scholars at Rice University! My name is Jun-Xin Chen, a Quest Scholar at Rice University, Class of 2016 and I’m majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am very excited to be your Quest Liaison for the Rice Chapter and look forward to having new members to be part of our Quest Scholars family.

There is a myriad of opportunities at Rice. You can do research for a professor, enroll in leadership activities, develop interviewing skills at the Career Center, go off campus with people from the Community Involvement Center, as well as participate in dozens upon dozens of student organizations geared toward your interests. If you want to do something at Rice, you can join others who are just as passionate as you are, or if you are unique, just start it yourself with the generous grants donated by the administration. Like Yale, Rice's residential college system provides students with small communities within the larger Rice community. As you rise through the class ranks, you would also get to know people across the campus that belong to other colleges with otherworldly traditions. You will meet some amazing individuals who will affect your life in many ways.

As a sophomore, I have yet to discover my definition of the college experience because it is truly what you make of it. As a New York native, coming to Texas was a big decision. I had to start my adventure in the South while my friends did in the East. But this decision has been rewarding because of how much I have learned about myself within these two years. I have learned to be independent and more importantly, humble in the experiences that have yet to come. I hope that as prospective students come onto campus, we will expand the Quest Scholars family at Rice and discuss what really defines the college experience. This place will be more than a place of resources, it will be a place where you truly give yourself a name.

Your Quest Liaison,
Jun Xin (John) Chen ‘16


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