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Letter from the 2013-2014 Pomona Quest Liaison

Sergio Rodriguez, Pomona

Bonjour my fellow Quest friends! My name is Sergio Rodriguez and I'm your new Quest Liaison! I am blessed to have had been chosen to represent the Quest chapter at the best school in the world: POMONA COLLEGE!

First and foremost, welcome and congratulations! As Quest Scholars, you have already proven yourselves - you’re all undeniably unique! I cannot sit here and identify the ideal Quest Scholar - the diversity that you have provided, the struggles that you have overcome, the intellectual insight of being human that you possess, and the passion you have for learning are just some of the ideals that you all bring to Pomona. But I know that deep within you, there is more - you have light for the future, love for humanity, and power to shape your end destination into the life you want to attain. You have also been shaped by society, your friends, your family, and your circumstances to become the next world leaders. In your spare time, thank your parents for giving you the best they could, thank your friends for supporting you, and thank your circumstances because each obstacle made you stronger. I know that many times we like to feel victimized by the struggles we face, but the fact that you stand here, are going to college, and want to succeed means you already have a privilege that 99% of the world does not get to experience.

Moreover, you are all change agents - I say this in the sense that you all will surely change the future and also because you guys have changed many of us. The ideas and experiences you all bring to Pomona help to broaden our horizons and make us aware that the world is not perfect. You will change the perspectives of many here at Pomona, and likewise, many will change yours. Do not be afraid to borrow someone else’s eyes to catch a new perspective or to challenge your own perspective - the best way to learn about the world and yourself is by getting out of your own comfort zone.

As the Liaison, I will try my best to strengthen the chapter here and assist all of you in your future endeavors, so I need all of you to feel free to approach me, or any professor, staff, or student. I am the Quest Liaison, but I am also a Quest Scholar, a student of color, a first-generation student, a peer, human, and hopefully, your friend! Thank you and good luck! These next four years will be the most interesting, challenging, and changing experiences for many of you, so go ahead and show the world your potential, your drive, and your beauty for being here!

With Much Sagehen Love,
Sergio Rodriguez, Pomona '16



Chapter Leadership

Sergio Rodriguez, '16

Ariel Hernandez Ramirez, '15

Kacey Hopson, '16
Rodrigo De Leon, '17
Events Coordinators

Sarenna Cech, '15

Ashley Land, '16
Head of Media Relations

Maria Caruso, '17

David Baxter, '16
Newsletter Designer

Peter Kim, '17
Community Engagement Coordinator

Nick Reminder, '17
Aldair Arriola, '17
Freshman Class Representatives

Jose Luis Gomez, '16
Sophomore Class Representative

Auzzie Sheard, '16
Humanities and Arts Academic Outreach Coordinator

Erick Velazquez, '16
Physical and Natural Sciences Outreach Coordinator

Alejandra Castillo, '17
Math Outreach Coordinator

Maria Martinez, '17
Computer Science Outreach Coordinator

Della Anjeh, '16
Podcast Developer

Muhammad Jalal, '16
Vice President

Kimberly Ona Ayala, '16

Fernando Lozano
Tina Negritto
Sergio Marin
Faculty Advisors



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