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Letter from the Parsons Quest Liaison

Rick Rodriguez, Parsons

If you've ever tuned in to Bravo's Project Runway, you've most likely noticed the red and black spray paint logo of Parsons The New School for Design. Unless you’re familiar with the art scene you've probably never heard of the prestigious design college in the bustling city of New York. This historic school was the first of its kind to offer Fashion, Interior Design, and Advertising programs in the US when it was first founded as the Chase School of Art.

Parsons has a specific focus on the visual arts. In this design college you won’t find the traditional math, science, or history classes; you’ll take classes that teach you how to construct garments out of sustainable materials, learn about the science of color theory, and come to understand the history behind the world’s greatest art movements. No other city in the country could house such a school as Parsons with its impressive list of alumni from Norman Rockwell to Donna Karan of DKNY. Each year, Parsons holds its well known Parsons Fashion Benefit where the graduating BFA fashion students get to display their thesis work in order to raise money for scholarships and academic programs for the incoming students. Tables range from $15,000, demonstrating the quality of work that is expected from the school located in the fashion capital of the US.

Located in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, Parsons is in the prime setting for aspiring students who constantly seek inspiration for their work. It is located right around some of the historic neighborhoods of New York, SoHo, NoHo, and NoLiTa. Anyone who seeks a future in design and art should have plenty to do at Parsons.

Rick Rodriguez, Parsons '16


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Rick Rodriguez, '16

Jill Anderson, '16



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