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Quest Liaisons


Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Quest Liaisons! 

082014 liaisonconference alamo group

Quest Liaisons in Alamo Square Park, San Francisco in August 2014. Check our Facebook page for the full album of 2014 Liaison Conference photos!

Amherst College: Emera De Los Santos, '17
Bowdoin College: Perla Rubi, '17
Brown University: Chantel Brown, '17
California Institute of Technology: Netgie Laguerre, '17
Carleton College: Sasha Blinnikova, '17
Colorado College: Miles Lowe, '18
Columbia University: Lesley Cordero, '17
Dartmouth College: Chileta Dim, '17
Davidson College: Dominique Samuels, '18
Emory University: Amanda Gosselin, '16
Grinnell College: Carlos Ortiz Campo, '17
Haverford College: Tionney Nix, '17
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Raul Boquin, '17
Northwestern University: Sylwia Andrzejczak, '15
Oberlin College: Katrina Anderson-Little, '17
Parsons The New School for Design: Rick Rodriguez, '16
Pomona College: Peter Kim, '17
Princeton University: Rosed Serrano, '17
Rice University: John Chen, '16
Scripps College: Jasmine Russell, '17
Stanford University: Loralee Sepsey, '18
Swarthmore College: Kim Rosa, '18
Trinity College: Kathy Rodogiannis, '17
Tufts University: Michelle Sodipo, '17
University of Chicago: Josh Miller, '17
University of Notre Dame: Mike Lin, '16
University of Pennsylvania: Lauren Beard, '17
University of Southern California: Vickie Trinh, '15
University of Virginia: James Yu, '15
Vanderbilt University: Mariah Ramirez, '18
Vassar College: Sarah Perry, '17
Washington & Lee University: Shaun Soman, '17
Wellesley College: Christiana Joseph, '16
Wesleyan University: Torii Johnson, '17
Williams College: Wilmer Montesdeoca, '17
Yale University: David Elias, '16



The role of a Quest Liaison

As Liaison, you serve as the primary communicator between your campus’s Quest Scholars Network chapter and the QSN staff. You are responsible for outreach and coordination with other QSN chapters, via their respective Liaisons.

It is your responsibility to keep the QSN staff informed of the composition of your leadership team, service projects, chapter funding needs, future organizational plans, and all other ongoing events. Additionally, you will be expected to provide QSN with written and multimedia content from your chapter on a regular basis for the QSN website, Facebook page and other QSN outreach channels and program materials.

It is also your responsibility to disseminate the information given to you at the Liaison training and inform your fellow Quest Scholars of their chapter’s responsibilities and function, as well as of Quest-related opportunities and new resources.

You are encouraged to communicate with your counterpart Liaisons at other QuestBridge partner colleges. You serve as a representative of QuestBridge and the Quest Scholars Program. In this capacity, you may be asked to represent Quest at campus and other events.

Finally, the Liaison is responsible for creating a welcoming chapter environment for Quest Scholars on campus. You will act as a first point of contact for incoming freshmen. Critically, you will also serve as coordinator for the Quest Mentoring Program on your campus. Through QSN events, programs and activities, you will foster an enduring commitment to scholarship, leadership, and service among your peers.

To learn more about Quest Liaisons from past years, please see below.

2013-2014 Liaisons

Amherst: Michelle Palencia '16
Bowdoin: Victor Leos '16
Brown: Christopher Pineda '16
Caltech: David Pena '17
Carleton: Alphonso Gaston Lopez '17
Chicago: Yorkbell Jaramillo '16
Columbia: Bill Nguyen '16
Dartmouth: Emily Chan '16
Davidson: Telavive (Nina) Taye '17
Emory: Jessica Nguyen '14
Grinnell: Jason Chien '16
Haverford: Jessica Feng '16
MIT: Riana Lo Bu '16
Northwestern: Rajan Negassa '16
Notre Dame: Connor Schmidt '15
Oberlin: Edmund Korley '16
Penn: Cheyenne Rogers '16
Pomona: Sergio Rodriguez '16
Princeton: Lea Trusty '16
Rice: Kiara Aguirre '15
Scripps: Chandra Dickey '16
Stanford: Tracy Yang '16
Swarthmore: Paul Bierman '15
Trinity: Hamdi Abdi '16
Tufts: Michelle Sodipo '17
USC: Maite Christi Francois '16
UVa: Allie Kerstein '15
Vassar: Rudi Williams '16
Washington and Lee: Karen Villarroel '16
Wellesley: Dylan McGarvey '16
Wesleyan: Aidan Martinez '17
Williams: Jonathon Burne '17
Yale: Mahir Rahman '16

2012-2013 Liaisons

Amherst: Carlos Gonzalez '14
Bowdoin: Arhea Marshall '15
Brown: Jake Moffett '15
Caltech: Richie Hernandez '15
Chicago: David Maugaotega '14
Columbia: Taylor Breen '13
Dartmouth: Ilenna Jones '15
Emory: Cindy Nguyen '14
Grinnell: Megan Konzelman '16
Haverford: Rachel Davis '13
MIT: Quynh Nguyen '15
Northwestern: Daniel Nissani '14
Notre Dame: Hannah Lin '14
Oberlin: Monica Monsalve '15
Parsons: Rick Rodriguez '16
Penn: Megan Smith '16
Pomona: Muhammad Jalal '16
Princeton: Shawon Jackson '15
Rice: Jocelyn Monroy '13
Scripps: Taryn Riera '15
Stanford: Tracy Yang '16
Swarthmore: Rebecca Senft '15
Trinity: Salima Etoka '15
USC: Winona Leon '15
UVa: Marvin Nogueda '15
Vassar: Jeremiah Bernau '13
Washington and Lee: Hilary Nelson '14
Wellesley: Lisa Liu '13
Wesleyan: Erik Islo '15
Williams: Tanzim Milkey '15
Yale: Michael Cruciger '15

2011-2012 Liaisons

Amherst: Fengsheng (Helen) Zhu
Bowdoin: Van Tra
Brown: Paul Tran
Caltech: Abel Misrak
Chicago: Kashira Turner
Columbia: Danielle Rojas
Dartmouth: Taylor Payer
Emory: Peter Tran
Haverford: Caya Simonsen
MIT: Peter Nguyen
Northwestern: Daniel Flores
Notre Dame: Alyssa Vu
Oberlin: Terrance Embry
Parsons: Jessy Jo Gomez
Penn: Michael Tony
Pomona: Cristian Monroy
Princeton: Ryan Elliott
Rice: Joseph Huseman
Scripps: Briana Smith
Stanford: Shanika Pelpola
Swarthmore: Mackenzie Welch
Trinity: Yun Gong
USC: Kim Luong
UVA: Arianna Trickey
Vassar: Kaitlin Reed
Washington and Lee: Melissa Derby
Wellesley: Maria Taha
Wesleyan: Lindsey Proper
Williams: Guedis Cardenas
Yale: Christine Jun

2011-2012 Lead Liaisons

Each Lead Liaison supported a "color team" of Liaisons grouped by geographic region and kept in regular contact with the QSN.

Farrah Bui (Princeton '14): Lead for Team Yellow (Emory, Oberlin, Rice, UVA, Washington & Lee)

Tina Chang (Penn '14): Lead for Team Blue (Haverford, Penn, Princeton, Swarthmore, Vassar)

Andrew Choi (Princeton '14): Lead for Team Orange (Caltech, Pomona, Scripps, Stanford, USC)

Kelsey Gaetjens (Williams '13): Lead for Team Green (Amherst, Brown, MIT, Wellesley, Williams)

Hector Correa (Yale '13): Lead for Team Red (Bowdoin, Chicago, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Notre Dame)

Emily Warner (Washington & Lee '14): Lead for Team Purple (Columbia, Parsons, Trinity, Wesleyan, Yale)



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