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Quest Liaisons



Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Quest Liaison Cohort!

The 2016-2017 Liaison Application is now closed.
Please email should you have any questions.

Amherst College:
 Anna Vuong, '18
Bowdoin College: Kevin Hernandez, '18
Brown University: Chantel Brown, '17
California Institute of Technology: Matthew Cedeno, '16
Carleton College: Raelynne Benjamin, '18
Colorado College: Savanah McDaniel, '18
Columbia University: Lizbeth Pena, '17
Dartmouth College: Vanessa Soncco, '18
Davidson College: Anmar Jerjees, '18
Emory University: Jason Sell, '18
Grinnell College: Christopher Bell, '18
Haverford College: Alexis Schafsnitz, '17
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Omar Ibarra, '17
Northwestern University: Madisen Hursey, '19
Oberlin College: Aaron Henry, '18
Pomona College: Carly Grimes, '18
Princeton University: Robin Spiess, '17
Rice University: Zohra Baig, '18
Scripps College: Neelu Franklin, '18
Stanford University: Gigi Nwagbo, '18
Swarthmore: Kimberly Rosa, '18
Trinity College: Drew Mickolas, '17
Tufts University: Rafael Roman Mendoza, '17
University of Chicago: Kyle Wickham, '18
University of Notre Dame: Grace Chow, '18
University of Pennsylvania: Selamawit Bekele, '17
University of Southern California: Precious Nwaoha, '17
University of Virginia: Myliyah Hanna, '18
Vanderbilt University: Elizabeth Lee, '18
Vassar College: Harmony Reid, '18
Washington and Lee University: Nika Pogrebna, '17
Wellesley College: Christiana Joseph, '16
Wesleyan University: Caroline Liu, '18
Williams College: Natalia Miller, '18
Yale University: Aryssa Damron, '18


The role of a Quest Liaison

As Liaison, you serve as the primary communicator between your campus’s Quest Scholars Network chapter and the QSN staff. You are responsible for outreach and coordination with other QSN chapters, via their respective Liaisons.

It is your responsibility to keep the QSN staff informed of the composition of your leadership team, service projects, chapter funding needs, future organizational plans, and all other ongoing events. Additionally, you will be expected to provide QSN with written and multimedia content from your chapter on a regular basis for the QSN website, Facebook page and other QSN outreach channels and program materials.

It is also your responsibility to disseminate the information given to you at the Liaison training and inform your fellow Quest Scholars of their chapter’s responsibilities and function, as well as of Quest-related opportunities and new resources.

You are encouraged to communicate with your counterpart Liaisons at other QuestBridge partner colleges. You serve as a representative of QuestBridge and the Quest Scholars Program. In this capacity, you may be asked to represent Quest at campus and other events.

Finally, the Liaison is responsible for creating a welcoming chapter environment for Quest Scholars on campus. You will act as a first point of contact for incoming freshmen. Critically, you will also serve as coordinator for the Quest Mentoring Program on your campus. Through QSN events, programs, and activities, you will foster an enduring commitment to scholarship, leadership, and service among your peers.

To learn more about Quest Liaisons from past years, please click "Read More" below.

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2014-2015 Quest Liaisons

082014 liaisonconference alamo group

Quest Liaisons in Alamo Square Park, San Francisco in August 2014. Check our Facebook page for the full album of 2014 Liaison Conference photos!

emera delossantosAmherst College: Emera De Los Santos, '17
Emera is originally from the Dominican Republic but moved to the U.S. when she was 7; she currently lives in New Jersey. She's involved in the emergency medical services squad, wants to major in Economics, and is interested in attending medical school. She wants to restructure the QSN program and help Questies become much more involved both at Amherst and in their hometowns.

perla rubiBowdoin College: Perla Rubi, '17
Perla was born and raised in San Diego, California. She participates in the Latin American Student Organization, the squash varsity team, and has been a Research Assistant at Drexel University, University of California San Diego, and Bowdoin College. She wants the First Years to feel strong support from the rest of the members and for the Mentoring Families to be successful.

chantel brownBrown University: Chantel Brown, '17
Chantel is from small town North Carolina where she has resided for most of her life. She has been involved in English for Action, Algebra in Motion, and Experience Brown; she is pursuing concentrations in education and science and wants to become a doctor. She wants to form a strong chapter that will persevere, get upperclassmen involved, and create a safe space.

netgie laguerre 01California Institute of Technology: Netgie Laguerre, '17
Netgie is a Haitian-American, born and was raised in Miami, Florida. She enjoys reading Greek and Japanese and mythology and is an avid fan of anime and manga. Chemistry enthusiast would also be another trait of hers, and she's been working in the chemical engineer and material science lab of Prof. Haile doing work with solid oxide fuel cells. She hopes to restart the Caltech chapter by having each class of Quest Scholars get to know each other.

sasha blinnikovaCarleton College: Sasha Blinnikova, '17
Sasha was born in Eugene, Oregon, to Russian immigrant parents and eventually moved to Minnesota. Though she is undecided on her major, she is interested in the Social Sciences, Theater, and Computer Science. She is a member of Carleton's Competitive Ballroom/Latin Dance Team, tutors at the local schools, plays piano, and is passionate about raising awareness of mental health and creating a discussion on income disparity. She hopes to generate more involvement from Quest Scholars by creating a supportive environment.

miles loweColorado College: Miles Lowe, '18
Miles was born and raised in a rural town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. His passions include English and music; the music of the spoken word; his saxophone is very verbose. He has worked in conjunction with the Forest Service for the past two summers surveying streams, ponds, and meadows for aquatic organisms such as toads, frogs, and turtles. His goal is for all members of the Colorado Chapter to be great friends, to promote each one's and the group's well being, and to build a foundation for the chapter.

082014 liaisonconference columbia lesley corderoColumbia University: Lesley Cordero, '17
Lesley is studying Computer Science and Sociology in hopes of entering the start-up field or academia. She was born in Manhattan, lived in Brooklyn, moved to Puerto Rico for a year, and now resides in upstate New York. On campus she's also involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Women's History Month Committee. She also interned at QuestBridge during the summer of 2014. She wants to get the QSN Chapter recognized, create a tight-knit community, and have it serve as a platform for advocating low-income issues.

chileta dimDartmouth College: Chileta Dim, '17
Chileta became involved with QuestBridge during her junior year of high school when she was invited to the conference at Stanford and was matched with a amazing mentor. She spent this past summer interning as a research assistant in Boston and loves acting, hiking and movies. She wants to get more Quest Scholars involved in programming and become more visible to the wider Dartmouth community.

dominique samuelsDavidson College: Dominique Samuels, '18
Dominique was born and raised in Trenton, NJ and is African-American and Jamaican. She is interested in anything that involves biological and chemical sciences, health/medicine, dance, community service, poetry, or culture and diversity. At Davidson, she plans to major in Public Health, concentrating in Medical Humanities while on the Pre-med track. She hopes to become a cardiothoracic surgeon or cardiologist. Her number one goal for the Davidson Quest Chapter is to find an adviser who will help their chapter become a recognized group on campus.

amanda gosselin 01Emory University: Amanda Gosselin, '16
Amanda is from a small town in rural Nebraska. She plans to work as a critical care or labor and maternity nurse after graduating. The Emory Quest Scholars Chapter has been an important part of her college experience; she's been involved since her freshman year and has served on the Executive board for two years. Beyond that, she also serves on Emory's Peer Review Board. She'd like to launch a successful Mentoring Program for the chapter and raise the upperclassmen retention rate.

carlos ortizcampoGrinnell College: Carlos Ortiz, '17
Carlos was born in a small town in Colombia, South America, and moved to the United States when he was 11 years old. He enjoys being outdoors, canoeing, listening to music, art, and watching movies. He is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering in a combined program with Columbia University. He is also very interested in working in the environmental field and did an externship during spring break in the Federated States of Micronesia to observe a Conservation Trust. He hopes to help make Quest an outstanding identity on his campus and is very excited to learn about and work in community- enhancing activities through Quest.

tionney nixHaverford College: Tionney Nix, '17
Tionney was born and raised in the Bronx. In addition to her involvement in Quest, she is a co-head for Haverford's Black Student League and a mentor for Haverford Horizons, a program for low-income first-generation freshmen. She's very excited to be pursuing a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Math. During the summer of 2014, she worked with a math professor at Haverford creating digital resources for future calculus students. She aims for the Quest Chapter at Haverford to be a more cohesive community so it will feel more like a family.

raul boquin 01Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Raul Boquin, '17
Raul was born in North Miami, Florida and grew up in a Honduran household. At MIT, he is very interested in leadership, social groups, and working with others; he wants to pursue a career in education and in the classroom. One of his favorite experiences has been being involved in an educational design shop where 50 students, mentors, etc. designed an educational innovation. He wants Quest Scholars at MIT to be able to connect and stay close to each other.

sylwia andrzejczakNorthwestern University: Sylwia Andrzejczak, '15
Sylwia was born and raised in Poland. Her family moved to Chicago when she was eight years old. Attending Northwestern University was always a dream of hers; she is currently studying chemical engineering and wants to work in the pharmaceutical industry to develop cheaper and safer vaccines. She wants to increase the participation of the Freshman class and awareness for first-generation low-income students at Northwestern.

katrina anderson-littleOberlin College: Katrina Anderson-Little, '17
Katrina was born and raised in Newark, NJ, and is very much a city girl. She is the Alumni Network Coordinator for her alma mater and a Program Assistant for a college access program on campus. She is also a budding sneaker-head and hopes to one day open her own sneaker store before moving on to a career in law. She wants to build a beautiful community among the QSN Chapter so her fellow Questies know who they can lean on, and she wants the group to be more present on campus overall.

082014 liaisonconference pomona peter kimPomona College: Peter Kim, '17
Along with his identity as a Quest Scholar, Peter is also an immigrant, person of color, person of faith, and a proud Pomona Sagehen. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he left with his parents at the age of four to the small southern city of Chattanooga, TN. Initially thinking of being a PPE major, Peter is now leaning towards Economics. From his experiences at Pomona, he is interested in activities that center on a mission of campus inclusivity, communal empowerment, and increasing access of opportunity.

 rosed serranoPrinceton University: Rosed Serrano, '17
Rosed was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She hopes to major in Math with an interest in Education and Education Policy and plans to go to law school after graduating. She enjoys traveling, trying new food, going on long runs and hikes, yoga, writing, and reading. On campus she is also a member of the women's crew team, tour guide at the Princeton Art Museum, pre-orientation trip hiking leader, and editor for The Stripes Blog. She really wants her QSN Chapter to be a stronger community that will reach out to local schools and help students with applications.

john chenRice University: John Chen, '16
John grew up in Elmhurst, a vibrant town in New York City that prides itself in being one of the most diverse communities in the city. He is a Mechanical Engineering major to further his passion in applied science and appreciation for both technical knowledge and art. With a vision to become a well-rounded leader capable of inspiring people, he aims to strengthen the Quest Mentoring Program at Rice.

jasmine russellScripps College: Jasmine Russell, '17
Jasmine grew up in a small tourist town in Michigan, is a Computer Science major with a minor in Digital Media studies, and is currently considering journalism for graduate school. She loves dogs with short legs and floppy ears, Tom Hanks, boats, and talking about radical politics. She aims to obtain a larger sense of community, presence on campus, and partnerships with other organizations and nearby QSN Chapters.

loralee sepseyStanford University: Loralee Sepsey, '18
Loralee hails from sunny Orange County and is originally from a Native American reservation in Big Pine, CA. She plans to study English because she loves to read and write, and Philosophy because she likes to think deep thoughts; her goal is to teach high school English. She loves to sleep, play tunes on her clarinet, and get emotionally invested in her TV shows, like Doctor Who. Her goals for the Stanford Chapter align with the national mission of QuestBridge, to make higher education accessible to high-achieving, low-income students.

 kim rosa 02Swarthmore: Kimberly Rosa, '18
Kim was born in Los Angeles, CA, and moved to Glendale, AZ, when she was 8. Her main options for a major at Swarthmore are Economics and Political Science, as well as a minor in Latin American studies. She wants to work for a non-profit organization and travel to Guatemala, where her family is from, and assist students with their education. Her hobbies include hiking, reading, and playing the violin. She has high expectations for her chapter and hope to get Questies excited about giving back to their community.

drew mickolasTrinity College: Drew Mickolas, '17
Drew's hometown is Levittown, PA, a suburb north of Philadelphia. He is a Public Policy & Law and Philosophy double major with concentrations in Value Theory and Education Policy. He is very engaged in social reform of all varieties and works with student activist group ConnPIRG as well as feminist sorority Zeta Omega Eta. While ethics and political theory are Drew's main passions, he also has a great love for music and applied mathematics (particularly statistics and data modeling). By the end of his education Drew hopes to have a doctorate in public policy analysis and work as a policy analyst to reform crucial government programs. His prospective goals for Trinity's chapter are to ramp up community involvement and further the caring environment of the Quest Family.

michelle sodipoTufts University: Michelle Sodipo, '17
Michelle is Nigerian-American, born and raised in Atlanta, GA. She is a Pre-med student, majoring in Biology and Community Health, with a plan to eventually go to school for a MD/PhD degree focusing in infectious diseases. As Tufts Liaison for two years in a row, and she is looking forward to helping the Tufts Chapter grow, become officially recognized, and continue to be an awesome community of people on campus. She is also involved in the African Student Organization and Pre-Med Society Tufts, and genuinely loves food.

082014 liaisonconference uchicago josh millerUniversity of Chicago: Josh Miller, '17
As the UChicago chapter's previous Vice President, Josh spent that year what this organization is about, who's involved, and where they want to go with it. He plans to major in Political Science and Economics, but his interests go beyond into coding, dance, business and more. He interned during the summer of 2014 at a business incubator helping to write the best business plan in Chicago (already top 10)! His goal is to establish a successful base and model for future Quest years to come by developing better family-style relations within while representing the chapter on campus through service and events.

mike linUniversity of Notre Dame: Mike (Minyi) Lin, '16
Mike was born in China and moved with his family to Los Angeles when he was 6; it is there that he grew up and there that he calls home. As a Psychology/Pre-med double major, he is interested in people watching, silence, science, and sibilance. In his spare time, he studies for the MCAT and enjoys reading TV Tropes, web serials, and webcomics. He hopes to incorporate a structured Quest Mentoring Program for his chapter.

lauren beardUniversity of Pennsylvania: Lauren Beard, '17
Hailing from Buford, GA, Lauren loves running, indie music, and traveling. She hopes to one day become a doctor and is currently studying Neuroscience and Middle Eastern studies. On campus she is also involved in a community service fraternity and an arts program for kids. She wants to transform the Penn QSN Chapter to be a great community for those entering college and for Quest Scholars to be more aware of each other on campus.

vickie trinhUniversity of Southern California: Vickie Trinh, '15
Vickie calls Garden Grove, CA her hometown. She's majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Environmental Studies. As part of the first Quest Scholars class at USC, she has have been involved with QSN since her freshman year. She is also involved in tutoring at local middle schools, mentoring freshmen, and cultural organizations. She plans to apply for graduate school in the fields of marine biology, oceanography or environmental sciences and wants to work for marine research institutes such as the Wrigley Science Center at Catalina Island. She wants to strengthen connections between upperclassmen and freshmen in her chapter and strengthen their presence on campus.

james yuUniversity of Virginia: James Yu, '15
James studies Foreign Affairs and Public Policy & Leadership at UVa. He has served as Innovation Chair on the Quest National Ambassador Executive Board and is excited to be Liaison; his primary goal is to strengthen the Quest community at UVa.

mariah ramirezVanderbilt University: Mariah Ramirez, '18
Mariah is Midwest girl, born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She loves meeting new people, so her job at a local golf course is a great way for her to interact with a variety of people with different backgrounds. She has a love for both math and science, and those interests will help her pursue a career as a Nurse Anesthetist, or possibly an Anesthesiologist. She also loves to travel (and hopes to study abroad while learning Spanish), enjoys swimming, and has played violin for 13 years. As the first Liaison for Vanderbilt, she hopes to establish them as an organized, driven family of Quest Scholars.

harmony reidVassar College: Harmony Reid, '18
Harmony was born and raised in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, and plans to major in either Film or Sociology while also studying languages and international relations. She enjoys cooking, running, playing guitar, and keeping busy doing practically anything. She usually finds jobs in restaurants and bakeries, while also volunteering to mentor grade school students and be a counselor at summer camps. Hopefully her future career will involve making documentaries about people and societies. Her goal for the Vassar chapter is to get scholars involved in more events and activities, and strengthen their relationships to the chapter.

shaun somanWashington and Lee University: Shaun Soman, '17
Shaun was born in Illinois but has spent the majority of his life living in Wisconsin. He first learned about QuestBridge during his junior year of high school and was extremely fortunate to receive a College Prep Scholarship to attend a summer school program at Harvard. Since then, he has tried to do his part for his QSN Chapter by engaging in volunteer work and calling campaigns for QuestBridge. Outside of studying philosophy and environmental studies, he enjoys painting, writing, daydreaming, and listening to the Beatles. His biggest goal for W&L's QSN Chapter is to expand their presence on campus and the community.

christiana josephWellesley College: Christiana Joseph, '16
Christiana lives in Massachusetts with her parents and younger sister; she is studying Anthropology and Religion and plans to go to graduate school for Medical Anthropology. She is really interested in researching mental health and how culture (specifically race/ethnicity and religious/spiritual background) plays a role in why people choose whether or not they will seek care. Currently, she's doing research on campus as a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow. She served as a Co-Social Events Chair for the Wellesley Chapter and really enjoyed it. She aims to get the chapter constituted on campus and increase awareness about their group.

torii johnsonWesleyan University: Torii Johnson, '17
Torii is from Southaven, Mississippi. At Wesleyan, she's part of various writing publications: Queer Wes, Writer's Block, Wesleyan Feminist Underground, and her own zine publication. She works at the campus cafe and dining hall and loves making different coffee drinks. She goes to every spoken word event, art exhibit, and student band concerts that she can. She wants to make the Wes QSN Chapter more active and create goals as a group.

wilmer montesdeocaWilliams College: Wilmer Montesdeoca, '17
Wilmer is a proud Brooklyn Latino native and a Quest and GMS Scholar studying History and Literature. He is part of the Founder of Leaders Working, a comprehensive mentoring program that helps low-income students get into top colleges and become leaders in their communities. He hopes to create a community of Quest Scholars that embraces diversity, emboldens our youth to go to college, and takes steps towards a better future.

david eliasYale University: David Elias, '16
David was born in Bayonne, NJ, where he has lived his entire life. He is currently studying Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, although he is also very interested in technology and post—World War I history. He's working in a laboratory, studying Epstein Barr Virus and hopes to attend graduate school for Biochemistry. He also enjoys watching various television series such as Game of Thrones and House of Cards. He aims to strengthen relationships between QSN and other organizations at Yale; he also wants the chapter to be more involved in the community.


2013-2014 Liaisons

Amherst: Michelle Palencia '16
Bowdoin: Victor Leos '16
Brown: Christopher Pineda '16
Caltech: David Pena '17
Carleton: Alphonso Gaston Lopez '17
Chicago: Yorkbell Jaramillo '16
Columbia: Bill Nguyen '16
Dartmouth: Emily Chan '16
Davidson: Telavive (Nina) Taye '17
Emory: Jessica Nguyen '14
Grinnell: Jason Chien '16
Haverford: Jessica Feng '16
MIT: Riana Lo Bu '16
Northwestern: Rajan Negassa '16
Notre Dame: Connor Schmidt '15
Oberlin: Edmund Korley '16
Penn: Cheyenne Rogers '16
Pomona: Sergio Rodriguez '16
Princeton: Lea Trusty '16
Rice: Kiara Aguirre '15
Scripps: Chandra Dickey '16
Stanford: Tracy Yang '16
Swarthmore: Paul Bierman '15
Trinity: Hamdi Abdi '16
Tufts: Michelle Sodipo '17
USC: Maite Christi Francois '16
UVa: Allie Kerstein '15
Vassar: Rudi Williams '16
Washington and Lee: Karen Villarroel '16
Wellesley: Dylan McGarvey '16
Wesleyan: Aidan Martinez '17
Williams: Jonathon Burne '17
Yale: Mahir Rahman '16

2012-2013 Liaisons

Amherst: Carlos Gonzalez '14
Bowdoin: Arhea Marshall '15
Brown: Jake Moffett '15
Caltech: Richie Hernandez '15
Chicago: David Maugaotega '14
Columbia: Taylor Breen '13
Dartmouth: Ilenna Jones '15
Emory: Cindy Nguyen '14
Grinnell: Megan Konzelman '16
Haverford: Rachel Davis '13
MIT: Quynh Nguyen '15
Northwestern: Daniel Nissani '14
Notre Dame: Hannah Lin '14
Oberlin: Monica Monsalve '15
Parsons: Rick Rodriguez '16
Penn: Megan Smith '16
Pomona: Muhammad Jalal '16
Princeton: Shawon Jackson '15
Rice: Jocelyn Monroy '13
Scripps: Taryn Riera '15
Stanford: Tracy Yang '16
Swarthmore: Rebecca Senft '15
Trinity: Salima Etoka '15
USC: Winona Leon '15
UVa: Marvin Nogueda '15
Vassar: Jeremiah Bernau '13
Washington and Lee: Hilary Nelson '14
Wellesley: Lisa Liu '13
Wesleyan: Erik Islo '15
Williams: Tanzim Milkey '15
Yale: Michael Cruciger '15

2011-2012 Liaisons

Amherst: Fengsheng (Helen) Zhu
Bowdoin: Van Tra
Brown: Paul Tran
Caltech: Abel Misrak
Chicago: Kashira Turner
Columbia: Danielle Rojas
Dartmouth: Taylor Payer
Emory: Peter Tran
Haverford: Caya Simonsen
MIT: Peter Nguyen
Northwestern: Daniel Flores
Notre Dame: Alyssa Vu
Oberlin: Terrance Embry
Parsons: Jessy Jo Gomez
Penn: Michael Tony
Pomona: Cristian Monroy
Princeton: Ryan Elliott
Rice: Joseph Huseman
Scripps: Briana Smith
Stanford: Shanika Pelpola
Swarthmore: Mackenzie Welch
Trinity: Yun Gong
USC: Kim Luong
UVA: Arianna Trickey
Vassar: Kaitlin Reed
Washington and Lee: Melissa Derby
Wellesley: Maria Taha
Wesleyan: Lindsey Proper
Williams: Guedis Cardenas
Yale: Christine Jun

2011-2012 Lead Liaisons

Each Lead Liaison supported a "color team" of Liaisons grouped by geographic region and kept in regular contact with the QSN.

Farrah Bui (Princeton '14): Lead for Team Yellow (Emory, Oberlin, Rice, UVA, Washington & Lee)

Tina Chang (Penn '14): Lead for Team Blue (Haverford, Penn, Princeton, Swarthmore, Vassar)

Andrew Choi (Princeton '14): Lead for Team Orange (Caltech, Pomona, Scripps, Stanford, USC)

Kelsey Gaetjens (Williams '13): Lead for Team Green (Amherst, Brown, MIT, Wellesley, Williams)

Hector Correa (Yale '13): Lead for Team Red (Bowdoin, Chicago, Dartmouth, Northwestern, Notre Dame)

Emily Warner (Washington & Lee '14): Lead for Team Purple (Columbia, Parsons, Trinity, Wesleyan, Yale)






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