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Official QSN Bloggers


The new and improved Bridge Blog has launched! 

thebridgeblog web

Check it out!

We're always looking for Quest Scholars to blog about their experiences as Quest Scholars and touch upon the QSN Monthly Themes.  




Official Quest Blogger Position Details:

  • Bloggers must sign up for posts ahead of time, according to the QSN Monthy Themes. (Bloggers may also choose to submit a post on a topic of their choosing, which must be cleared with Quest Staff.)
  • After signing up, Bloggers will be assigned a deadline.
  • Bloggers may submit additional topic requests at any time.
  • There is no maximum or minimum number of required posts, but Bloggers are generally expected to submit at least 1-2 posts per month.
  • Photos are required for all posts. (Photos taken with your phone are okay!)
  • Bloggers must own all submitted content (writing, photos, etc.).
  • Quest staff may edit posts for grammar, punctuation, and clarity of ideas. For edits requiring more significant changes in content, posts may be returned to the Blogger for revision.


Applicants must:

  • Be a Quest Scholar in good standing at a QuestBridge partner college.
  • Submit an application by the posted deadline.



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