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Official QSN Bloggers


Congratulations to your 2013-2014 fleet of Official QSN Bloggers. Check out the our Quest Blog for our latest post!  

Official QSN Bloggers write monthly posts we feature on the QSN website, although posts published on the QSN Blog will not be exclusive to Official Bloggers: any Quest Scholar may still submit a post for review by the QSN staff. We encourage anyone interested to do so. 



The Quest Scholars Network (QSN) staff would like to thank the 2012-2013 fleet of Official QSN Bloggers! These Quest Scholars helped make our blog posts debut a great new way to tell the Quest story. Check out the blog to read all of their posts. 

Once again, thank you to the 2012-2013 Official QSN Bloggers. Please click "Read more" below to see the full list.

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Amherst - Victoria "Vee" Turner

Brown - Tolulope "Adrenaline" Lawal

Columbia - Bill "The Sasster" Nguyen

Dartmouth - Carene "California Dreaming" Rose

Emory - Julio "The Coolio" Virtuoso

Grinnell - Mikayla "Corn" Findlay

Haverford - Jessica "SweetFeng"

MIT - Alejandro "DJ Kraus" Krauskopf

Northwestern - Katie "The Astronaut" Jaycox

Notre Dame - Brenna Gautam, A Country Girl

Penn - Yessenia Moreno, Just a Small Girl in a BIG City

Pomona - Welcome to Ashley Land

Princeton - Hadley "Sunshine" O'Neill

Rice - Kiara "The Chimera" Aguirre

Swarthmore - Vasomnoleak Ly, the "Hard Topics" Guy

Trinity - Yun "The Survivor" Gong

USC - Helen "The Fitness Freak" Yiu

UVa - Yan (Loves Buses) Wu

Vassar - Cheyenne "Snow Lord" Sundberg

Wellesley - Lisa "The Everlasting Scribbler" Liu

Wesleyan - Jessica "The Geek in Exile" Jordan

Williams - Commodore Jorge Castro

Yale - Adri "The Moxie" Miele

University of Chicago - Robert "The Chef" Lipman



Official QSN Blogger Position Description:

    • Only one Blogger per partner college will be chosen through an online application, showcasing a sample blog post they submit.
    • Once selected, Bloggers must complete their term.
    • Bloggers must submit a minimum of one post per month throughout their term.
    • Bloggers will be assigned to post at different times during the month, and they must submit posts according to their assigned timeline.
    • If prompted with a theme (there will be a minimum of 1 weeks notice), Bloggers must write their post accordingly.
    • Photos are strongly encouraged for all posts.
    • Bloggers may submit extra posts in addition to their monthly requirement.
    • Bloggers must own all content (writing, photos, etc.) that is posted.
    • Bloggers may ask a Guest Blogger to submit an entry in their place for up to two of their required monthly posts – while the guest does not have to be a Quest Scholar, the entry must be relevant to college life. Guest Blogging may not occur in two consecutive months.
    • Bloggers will be asked to choose a nickname to designate their specialty or focus (e.g., John “The Bookworm” Doe).
    • The QSN staff may edit posts for grammar, punctuation, and clarity of ideas. For edits requiring more significant changes in content, posts may be returned to the Blogger for revision.
    • All posts should be relevant to the following (or similar) topics:
      • QSN Chapter events
      • Work, volunteer, or study-abroad experiences
      • Recent academic/extracurricular achievements
      • Campus events (a lecture you attended, football game, etc.)
      • Creative work (poem, short story, etc.)
    • The following topics should NOT be in the QSN Blog:
      • Announcements of upcoming events
      • Static information, such as QSN Chapter timelines, goals, and leadership
    • Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a revocation of an Official QSN Blogger title. A replacement Blogger may be assigned by the QSN staff.


Applicants must:

    • Be a Quest Scholar in good standing at a QuestBridge partner college. In some cases, alumni may apply.
    • Submit an application by the posted deadline.








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