Quest Mentoring Program


The deadline to sign up for Quest Mentoring has passed. Please contact your school's Liaison with any questions or if you did not get a chance to sign up.

"Mentoring through Quest gave me the incredible opportunity to support an incoming Quest Scholar in her transition to college. Even though I was officially the mentor, I often found much-needed comfort and validation in conversations with my mentee."
Erin Turner, Northwestern University, Class of 2014


What is the Quest Mentoring Program?

The Quest Mentoring Program provides a means for incoming and current Quest Scholars to connect with each other at QuestBridge partner colleges. Our main objective is to help new Scholars adjust to their college environments and feel a sense of belonging and friendship.

Who is a mentor?

Any Quest Scholar who is a rising sophomore, junior, or senior can be a mentor. Mentors in good standing should be informed peers who can offer guidance, listen actively, and point out campus resources and opportunities to their mentees. Download the mentor guidelines & monthly calendar (PDF).

Who is a mentee?

Any Quest Scholar who is an incoming freshman and wishes to learn from the knowledge and experiences of an older Quest Scholar at their school can be a mentee. Download the mentee guidelines (PDF).

How can I get involved?

Look for a mid-summer email from the Quest Scholars Network with a survey to sign up as a mentor or mentee. Your Liaison will notify you of your pairing before classes begin. In addition, a Midnight Mentoring event on your campus will serve as an official kick-off for mentoring and provide an opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet in person and set goals for the year.


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