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Quest Mentoring Program


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For Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Senior Quest Scholars:

The deadline to sign up to be a Quest Mentor has passed. However, you can still participate! Please reach out to the Liaison at your QSN Chapter. He or she will make sure to get you involved.

 For Incoming Freshmen:

Congratulations on being a Quest Scholar! We are excited for you to be part of the Quest Mentoring Program and the Quest Scholars Network (QSN).

The Quest Mentoring Program will ease your transition into college and give you some fun opportunities to meet great people. You can create friendships with Quest Scholars who have already been in your shoes!

Please make sure to fill out the Are You a Quest Scholar? form by June 30, 2014 so we know that you will be attending a QuestBridge partner college. Your Quest Liaison will be contacting you this summer with information about your Mentor Family and other QSN news. If you would like to opt-out of participating as a Mentee, please fill out this form before June 30, 2014.

If you are an incoming first-year at Pomona College, please fill out this Pomona Mentee Application before Monday, July 7, 2014.

 Note: For assistance logging in to your Quest Profile to fill out these forms, please contact


2012 liaisonconference weekend 51-002"Mentoring through Quest gave me the incredible opportunity to support an incoming Quest Scholar in her transition to college. Even though I was officially the mentor, I often found much-needed comfort and validation in conversations with my mentee."

– Erin Turner, Northwestern University, Class of 2014


For Current Quest Scholars:

We are making big changes to the Mentoring Program! Here are some updates to look forward to:

  • Liaisons will create Mentor Families headed by two to five Co-Mentors with complementing academic and extracurricular interests.
  • Co-Mentors and all Mentors will work together to encourage Mentees (incoming freshmen) to get involved wth the QSN Chapter.
  • Mentor Directories will be available so that Mentees can reach out directly to any Mentor, whether or not they are in the same Mentor Family.
  • Look out for more mentoring resources, regular messages from Quest Staff, and a QSN Calendar to help guide your Mentor Families throughout the academic year!



What is the Quest Mentoring Program?

The Quest Mentoring Program provides a means for incoming and current Quest Scholars to connect with each other at QuestBridge partner colleges. Our main objective is to help new students adjust to their college environments and feel a sense of belonging and friendship.


Who is a Mentor?

Any Quest Scholar who is a rising sophomore, junior, or senior can sign up to be a Mentor. Mentors should be informed peers who can offer guidance, listen actively, and point out campus resources and opportunities to their mentees. 


Who is a Mentee?

Any Quest Scholar who is an incoming freshman and has filled out the Are You a Quest Scholar? form before June 1, 2014 will be assigned to a Mentor Family. Mentees will learn from the knowledge and experiences of an older Quest Scholar at their school. If you would not like your contact information shared with the Liaison and a Mentor Family, please fill out this opt-out form before June 1, 2014.


How can I get involved?

Check out the top of the page to see how to get involved! Your Liaison will introduce you to your Mentor Family this summer so you can start getting in touch before classes begin. 


What if I didn’t sign up to be a mentor in time?

It’s not too late! You can always be included in a Mentor Family.  Here’s what you can do:

Mentors: Email your Quest Liaison if you’ve missed the May 1 deadline. Here is a PDF of the Mentor Sign Up Form so you can provide answers to help your Liaison assign you to a Mentor Family.

Mentees: Please fill out the Are You a Quest Scholar? form so we know you’re attending a QuestBridge partner college. To be added to a Mentor Family, email your Quest Liaison if you’ve missed the June 1 deadline.  


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