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Group Leaders



Applications are now closed for 2014 Group Leaders. Thank you if you have made a submission. We will be in touch soon.


Quest Scholars are invited to apply to be Group Leaders at the annual QuestBridge National College Admissions Conferences. These events bring together hundreds of outstanding low-income high school juniors who aspire to attend top-tier colleges. Group Leaders will have the opportunity to pass on to younger students the knowledge they have gained through their own successful college application process.

Group Leaders arrive on campus the day before the conference and receive a sneak peek at the workings of the Quest Scholars Program (parent organization of QuestBridge and the Quest Scholars Network). They help with conference set-up, guide high school students on conference day, assist their colleges' admissions officers at the QuestBridge College Fair, and bond with their fellow Quest Scholars from other colleges and universities nationwide. As a special thanks for volunteering, Quest Co-Founder Michael McCullough delivers an inspiring talk to the Leaders. They also get to enjoy dinner with the entire Quest staff, an annual tradition!


Connecting high-achieving, low-income high school students to America's best universities and opportunities.