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Quest College Counselors




Applications are now closed for the 2014 Quest College Counselor program. Thank you if you have made a submission. We will be in touch soon.

Quest College Counseling offers a unique chance to work directly with QuestBridge to support a current high school junior who is selected as a QuestBridge College Prep Scholar to receive college counseling from our organization. Since 2012, our Quest College Counselors have helped many students gain admission to colleges like Columbia, Emory, Haverford, UChicago, UVa, Princeton, Stanford, and Tufts!


For this year's College Prep Scholarship, we are looking for 30 highly responsive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic Quest Scholars to serve as our 2014 Quest College Counselors. Selected counselors are asked to serve in this role from May 2014 through January 2015.

Some of the benefits of volunteering to be a Quest College Counselor:

  • Work remotely, yet one-to-one, with an under-served student who would benefit from QuestBridge knowledge and your personal college admissions experience. Act as both an advisor and as a positive role model!
  • An exceptional addition to your resume or CV to showcase your volunteer work with QuestBridge.
  • A chance to give back to QuestBridge!


Preparation and support offered by Quest:

  • Mandatory webinar training by QuestBridge staff, held in April (dates TBA), with additional trainings to follow.
  • Quest college counseling resources to use with your counselee, including a QuestBridge Counseling Planner with key dates to keep you on track.
  • Monthly e-mails with topics that address timely actions for you and your counselee.
  • Ongoing support by QuestBridge staff addressing questions that arise during college counseling.


How to apply / Time commitment:

  • The application for Quest College Counselors is now open.
  • This obligation requires a 9-month time commitment of 1-2 hours weekly from May 2014 to January 2015, with some additional follow-up to occur during Spring 2015 regarding college choice and financial aid.





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