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Quest Ambassadors



Thank you for your interest in serving as a Quest Ambassador!

The Quest Ambassador program is administered by QuestBridge and the Quest Scholars Network. Quest Ambassadors provide outreach and recruitment assistance for our programs and are passionate about providing younger students with the same opportunities from which they benefited. We believe Quest Ambassadors are our best spokespeople.

To be a Quest Ambassador, the only requirement is that you are a Quest Scholar. You are not committing to any specific volunteer time as an Ambassador -- rather, by signing up below, you will be emailed about campaigns and opportunities to be involved at your own will as an Ambassador. You can sign up to join our mailing list at any time!

Ziyan  Quest Staff, Ambassadors Program
Nick, Wilmer, and Kiki  National Ambassadors Executive Board



Current Campaign:

Ambassadors will have another opportunity soon to get involved. Sign up to get email notifications about our campaigns!

Recent Campaigns:

"Spread the Word"; 2014 College Prep Scholarship Calling Campaign

Ambassadors called prospective applicants for the 2014 College Prep Scholarship to provide incentive for competing the application. They also be put up our College Prep Scholarship flyers to "Spread the Word".

Contact Your Counselor

Ambassadors will be reaching out to their former high school counselors, plus others intheir local area, to spread the word about Quest! This campaign will run from November 2013 through January 2014.

"Did You Know?"

To help 2013 College Match applicants research colleges for the College Match process, Ambassadors submitted photos and facts about their schools that only current students would know. Here's the album

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2013 College Match Calling Campaign

During the 2013 National College Match Calling Campaign, 140 Ambassador callers made 3,343 calls. Thanks to the callers' efforts, we increased the number of calls made by over 150% since last year! Thank you to all of our participants.

"Congratulations Graduates!"

To celebrate their accomplishments, Quest Scholars who just graduated as well as high school seniors headed off to partner colleges this fall are sending in photos of themselves in their caps and gowns. Check them out!

Presentations (ongoing)

Give presentations about QuestBridge to high school students in your hometown or a local community. We provide the PowerPoint, sign up sheets, etc. - all the resources you need to make a successful presentation!

Calling Campaign (every application cycle)

Ambassadors volunteer to call high schoolers applying to the National College Match (NCM) or College Prep Scholarship (CPS) each year.


National Ambassadors Executive Board

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 National Ambassadors Executive Board below! Each board member was selected from a competitive pool of applicants. 

052014 2014eboard princeton nick dreher

Princeton University, Class of 2017 

052014 2014eboard williams wilmer montesdeoca

Williams College, Class of 2017


052014 2014eboard wl kiki spiezio

Washington & Lee, Class of 2017


To learn about each E-Board member's background, click Read More.

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As a rising sophomore at Princeton University, Nick is a pre-med student from northern California and is very honored to serve on this board. He is excited by the Ambassadors Program and tells us, "QuestBridge rules!"

Wilmer is the CEO & Founder of Leaders Working, a nationwide mentoring program, and also serves as the Quest Liasion for Williams College where he is an English and History major. With Leaders Working and QuestBridge, Wilmer aims to empower low-income students to get into top colleges and become leaders in their communities. 

Born in China but adopted as a baby, Kiki has lived in Massachusetts for as long as she can remember. She is currently embarking on a thrilling 4-year journey at Washington and Lee University in the beautiful state of Virginia, and she intends to major in Politics and Studio art and minor in Poverty and Human Capability Studies. She chooses to live a fulfilling life by sticking to a few basic principles: be kind (not least of all to yourself), do what you can for others, look for beauty everywhere, eat dessert first, sleep often, and just keep calm and let it go.

The National Ambassadors Executive Board's
2014-2015 Goals

"QuestBridge has changed the lives of thousands of low-income high school students. This year, we all felt compelled to help further develop our amazing community of Quest Scholars by strengthening the Ambassadors Program. As it currently exists, we realize that there are some areas for us to help the program to expand -- such as with improved regional coordination, more integrated social media, and new ways to inform more guidance counselors, educators, parents, and students about the many opportunities QuestBridge has to offer. We look forward to increasing the presence of the Ambassadors Program within the broader Quest Scholars Network (look out for upcoming chapter competitions!), but most importantly we hope to engage even more with the students we reach out to."

-- Nick, Wilmer, and Kiki


Featured Ambassadors

We select Featured Ambassadors for each campaign. Are you next?

We'd like to thank our Featured Ambassador from the 2014 College Prep Scholarship "Spread the Word" Calling Campaign for calling over 150 high school applicants!

Alexis Schafsnitz (Haverford '17)

032014 haverford featuredambassadoralexischafsnitzcps14

Thank you and all the Ambassadors who participated for your efforts! 






Connecting high-achieving, low-income high school students to America's best universities and opportunities.