Alumni Association



In 2013, more than 730 Quest Scholars graduated from partner colleges, joining the ranks of thousands of other outstanding Quest alumni across the country.

To help make the Alumni Association a reality, you can:

  • Log in to the QSN website and fill out your profile as fully as possible, including your most up-to-date contact information
  • Contact us with your suggestions on what programs or services an ideal Alumni Association would offer


The Quest Scholars Network (QSN) plans to extend its reach to Quest alumni. Just as the QSN was founded to support and connect Quest Scholars in college, the Alumni Association will do the same for individuals who have graduated from college. The QSN Alumni Association will work toward its overarching goal:

To foster dynamic communities around the world of Quest Scholars who have graduated from QuestBridge partner colleges, and to promote interaction between these alumni and Quest Scholar undergraduates.

The development of the Alumni Association is in its initial stages, and we would love to hear from all Quest Scholar students and alumni about how this association could best serve the Quest community.

In 2013, we hope to add a page to our website that includes tips on finding a job and gives undergraduates a way to reach out to alumni for mentoring and advice. Our longer-term goals include an online alumni directory and mailing lists for alumni interested in different career fields such as law, medicine, and public service.


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