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Letter from the 2013-2014 Oberlin Quest Liaison

Edmund Korley, Oberlin

Welcome to the Oberlin College & Conservatory's Quest Scholars Network Chapter! I'm Edmund Mawuli Korley, a second-year Ghanaian student studying Biochemistry and Africana Studies. As we navigate our college journey, I hope to be a resource for Quest Scholars as Liaison and as a friend. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or programming ideas!

At Oberlin College, we have one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the country with a distinguished history as the first college to grant undergraduate degrees to women and an early leader in educating African Americans. Nestled in a town rich with history from being the birthplace of a famous aluminum production process, a focal point for the Abolitionist Movement and a key stop on the Underground Railroad. An internally recognized Conservatory of Music compliments Oberlin's various nationally ranked Arts & Sciences departments. Fueled by intellectual freedom, students pursue a variety of creative self-initiated projects from using human hair for water purification applications to investigating sustainability measures in the Oberlin city-government. Students, faculty, and staff are also sensitive to the social environment and transparency. With the bias events of February-March 2013, the campus response included a nationally covered rally and educational sit-in. We are at an exciting time in Oberlin history because of this, where student activism and faculty collaboration are at all time high.

Oberlin is a microcosm of the real world, serving as a reality where students who aspire to change the world come to acquire the experiential toolset needed. As a Questie, you are in prime position to do this. You will be supported in your endeavors by an encouraging community whose zeal for success and change match your own!

All the best,
Edmund Mawuli Korley, Oberlin '16



Chapter Leadership

Edmund Mawuli Korley, '16

Sarah Lomax, '16
Committee Chair for Chapter Development

Preston Crowder, '16
Committee Chair for Events

Brenda Grier-Miller
Yoon-Chan Kim Faculty Advisors



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