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Letter from the 2014-2015 MIT Quest Liaison

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In high school, I remember learning a lot of broad things. In so many ways, I understood there was still stuff I didn’t know, but I felt as if the process of learning them would not be different. I soon realized that knowledge may be the same everywhere, but the way you learn a subject can be vastly different. At MIT, we indeed learn new things everyday, but the dynamic is engaging. Academically or not, a day doesn’t go by where I have conversations; ones where I share different paths for the future, ones where I share my passions, and ones where I find new ways of learning!

My name is Raul, and I study math. I thought a lot about the leap from high school learning to MIT. The many resources that are given to you are meant to catalyze your education here, unlike high school where you don’t really have a lot of tools. Lectures are more than just for a test. I have been able to use what I learn from class for projects that I am proud to call my passions.

The biggest impact MIT can have on you is the ability to collaborate.These passions that I note are so diverse in their flavor. It is surprising how willing faculty and students are to meld passions together or how to team up to tackle a problem. I’ve learned here how to collaborate and solve problems with my own way of thinking.

I am passionate about the QSN Chapter. I feel the strongest passion we have as a group is to establish our very own place in community. Our origins have a powerful resonance that makes us unique as MIT students. Combined with the amount of MIT resources we get, the Quest Scholars at the MIT QSN Chapter are dedicated to reach out to local schools to help in educating other students like us.

The hard challenges one faces at MIT are not minimal. They will be mind boggling, but they are there for a reason. It’s amazing how one grows through challenge, and MIT is the center of trial. I am proud to say that Quest Scholars are there along the way to help, and with passion, your true visions for the good of the world can be realized.

Your colleague and Quest Liaison,
Raul Boquin ‘17



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Quest Scholars at MIT (Boston Service Trip 2013)
Quest Scholars at MIT (Boston Service Trip 2013)

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