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Letter from the 2014-2015 Haverford Quest Liaison

tionney nix

Dear All,

William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania and a Quaker close to Haverford's heart, proclaimed, "We are inclined to call things by the wrong names. We call prosperity 'happiness', and adversity 'misery' even though adversity is the school of wisdom and often the way to eternal happiness." Well, after overcoming much adversity, you have been admitted into one of the best liberal arts colleges in America and are on your way to accomplishing even bigger and brighter things.

On behalf of Haverford College and our Quest Scholars Network, I, Tionney Nix, genuinely and warmly welcome you to the Haverford community. Haverford is a special place where the Honor Code creates an environment of trust, where collaboration replaces competition, and where there are enough unofficial mascots to appeal to everyone's tastes. But, perhaps what truly makes Haverford special is you. By welcoming you to the community, Haverford is gaining a diligent, intelligent, and persevering student. You are contributing much to the community by being a part of it. In return for your addition, Haverford offers close teacher and student relationships, a tight-knit peer community, a beautiful campus, many academic and social resources, and exceptional student groups.

Along with being a part of the Haverford community, you also have the support of the Quest community. You should never hesitate to reach out to any of your fellow Quest Scholars because we all have your back. I am extremely excited to see you and your journey throughout your years at the college. Be prepared for the fun events that are planned for all Quest Scholars!

Your Quest Liaison,
Tionney Nix ‘17



Chapter Leadership

Alexis Schafsnitz '17 - Vice President

Hubert Skertchly '17- Co-Secretary

Ioannis Rutledge '18 - Co-Secretary

Vivian Nguyen '17 - Co-Treasurer

Ann-Victoria Isaac '18 - Co-Treasurer

Amy Zamora '18 - Co-director of Communications

Luis Rivas '16 - Co-Director of Communications



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Haverford Quest Scholars

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