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Letter from the 2013-2014 Grinnell Quest Liaison

Jason Chien, Grinnell

Welcome Grinnell Questies to our homepage!

My name is Jason and I am your Quest Liaison. I am excited to meet and welcome all of you to our chapter. It must be destiny that brought us together to the small, quaint town of Grinnell. As the joke goes, where on earth is Grinnell? It’s in between two cornfields. Seriously - what are the odds of us crossing paths in the middle of Iowa?

Destiny, though, has brought together some of the most unique, vibrant, and downright hipster people together. Everybody adds an individual spice that makes the campus so flavorful. You will actually get to know your peers deeply and form friendships that will last a lifetime. On top of that, Grinnell will provide an atmosphere for you to find out who you are and who you want to be because we accept whomever you choose to be.

OYou’ll hear the phrase “self-gov is love” around campus quite often. It is what makes Grinnell so accepting. There are no security officers prowling the buildings, nor will your dorm SA boss you around. Self-gov is the expectation that Grinnellians respect each other. Grinnellians listen to one another, and that is what makes our campus community strong.

Why have a QSN chapter though? As welcoming and open as Grinnell is, college is college. It is difficult to navigate its uncharted territory alone: your new found independence and the academic rigor, to name a few. We Questies are a community. We can relate to one another on a different level because we have all persevered through financial hardship in hopes of a brighter future. I look forward to helping build a community of Scholars who will navigate college together.

I am excited to plan dinners, activities, and projects to bring us together. I am excited to share my stories with you and listen to the incredible ones I hope you will share with me. Really, I am just excited to meet you! After all, it’s destiny!

Jason Chien, Grinnell '16



Chapter Leadership

Jason Chien, '16

Grinnell's QSN chapter is in its second year and chapter traditions are blossoming. Every week we have a food festivity in the dining hall or a pancake palooza in a campus kitchen. We've partnered with the Ni Ka Na, a project bridging Grinnell with a nearby Meswaki Native American settlement, and we tutor and provide college guidance for local high school students. Upcoming projects include placing ourselves on the Multicultural Board at Grinnell and pushing for early move-in for incoming first-year Quest Scholars so adjusting to college can be even easier. All in all, the chapter is a great way for Grinnell Quest Scholars to meet each other. We are developing into a strong community as our traditions and identity solidify.



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