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Letter from the 2013-2014 Emory Quest Liaison

Jessica Nguyen, Emory

Greetings! Thank you for visiting the home page of Emory University's Quest Scholars Network chapter. My name is Jessica Nguyen, and I welcome you as our chapter Quest Liaison to read more about Emory's QSN chapter and to contact me with any questions that you may have!

Here at Emory University, we have over 100 Quest Scholars from a variety of locales and backgrounds doing our part to strengthen and diversify the Emory community. There are very few ways to describe a typical Emory Quest Scholar. In fact, one of the only common threads we have with one another is that we're far from your typical college student! Though we are small in number, our few commonalities admirably bond us together. All Emory Quest Scholars are driven university students who overcame adversity to excel here at Emory. In our everyday studies in which our majors span the academic offerings of the Emory College of Arts and Sciences and the Goizueta Business School, we are some of the most high-achieving and bright students pursuing a spectrum of careers. Outside of the classroom, we also represent leadership around campus in a variety of organizations and societies. We express our dynamic identities in our engagement on campus and service activities within the Atlanta community and foster camaraderie and support toward one another in our network of students. Through his or her own way, every Emory Quest Scholar strives to exemplify the Quest ideals of scholarship, leadership, and service. In these three ideals, the endless descriptions of Emory Quest Scholars converge to paint a colorful picture of achievement.

I'm extremely enthusiastic to connect the Emory Quest Scholars chapter to the rest of the Quest Scholars Network and to help develop a supportive network within our chapter over the course of this academic year. I am excited to be the "curator" of the living work of art that is our Emory Quest Scholars chapter. I invite you to learn more about our chapter!

Jessica Nguyen, Emory '14



Chapter Leadership

Jessica Nguyen, '14
Liaison & Ghost Exec

Christopher Wilson, '14
Ghost Exec

Farida Bana, '15

Cindy Nguyen, '14
Vice President

Christa Nutor, '16

Amanda Gosselin, '16
Community Service Chair

David Watkins, '17
Liljuan Gonzalez, '17
Freshman Representatives

Tyler Lattimore, '16
Representative at Large

Julie Loppacher
Emory Faculty Advisor



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Quest Scholars

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