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Letter from the 2014-2015 Dartmouth Quest Liaison

dartmouth college ilenna jonesHello and welcome home! My name is Ilenna Jones, the Liaison for the Dartmouth Quest Scholars Chapter, and I am so very happy to welcome you to Dartmouth!

When I arrived here as a freshman I would have described Dartmouth campus as just short of 100% magical. The sky is vast and the quiet here is serene. Everyone is excited to see you and meet you and know your story. You can begin with DOC trips and step out of your comfort zone - both figuratively and literally - and learn a sense of peace. "Vox clamantis in deserto" indeed! Even if the out of doors is quite large, the Dartmouth world is in fact very small. About 1 square mile, the campus is full of soon-to-be familiar faces. One could even say they would be hard pressed to cross campus without saying hello! The professors are very accessible and friendly, and research/internship/study abroad opportunities are all just an application or conversation away.

The Dartmouth Quest Scholars Chapter is a completely inclusive student support and socioeconomic issue group here. We have many mentors who will help you transition into the Dartmouth College lifestyle. We've found that just through sharing the Questbridge experience, we all have a connection that we are quite fond and proud of. Together we plan to do community outreach projects, help conduct resource talks to help out our fellow student body, and to initiate the conversation of socioeconomic status awareness and status ownership. By doing this we hope to further the QSN Mission. Dartmouth is not just the destination - it's only stepping stone in our Quest!

If you'd like to know a little about me, read on: My name is Ilenna Jones and I'm a '15. Since I'm a Dartmouth student, I come there with a name and when I get there I'm given a number - which is about as permanent as a name. You'll understand eventually. I'm a pre-med Neuroscience major that knows a thing or two about genetics. I like thinking about thinking and I'm a lover of music, so you'll probably catch me humming or whistling a tune sometime.

Please feel free to contact me at ilenna.s.jones.15@dartmouth.edu or even call me at 410-929-6404. I would love to sit down and talk with you - whether it's to get some advice or just some company!

Your Quest Liaison,
Ilenna Jones '15



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Quest Scholars at Quincy Market (Boston Service Trip 2013)
Quest Scholars at Quincy Market (Boston Service Trip 2013)

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