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Letter from the 2013-2014 Dartmouth Quest Liaison

dartmouth college emily chan

Hello and welcome to Dartmouth, your new home! My name is Emily, the Dartmouth Chapter Quest Scholars Liaison, and I'm so glad to have the opportunity to welcome you to our school! When I arrived on campus, the first thing I saw took my breath away -- a large, green courtyard (termed "The Green"), filled with a variety of students relaxing outside, having lunch, and tossing frisbees. When I saw the amount of life and activity that filled the campus, I knew instantly that I had chosen the right school and that the right school had chosen me. 

There are a variety of factors that make Dartmouth unique to ourselves, for instance the fact that we're a liberal arts college means that we focus on a wide variety of subjects and that we have a smaller student body. The size of our student body is ideal in two aspects- first, it's small enough for people to easily fit into the community, to see people you know everywhere and to not feel lost in the crowd but it's also large enough where you can meet new people everyday and not feel suffocated with familiar faces. The small student body also means smaller class sizes and more opportunities to interact with your professors who are more than happy to chat with you! Tradition is also a huge part of campus. Be prepared for our Trips, Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Green Key festivities as you’re obliged to make really close friends, build and burn a huge bonfire, throw snowballs at each other, and celebrate spring under the gentle warmth of the Hanover sun!

Here at Dartmouth, you're already a part of the Quest Scholars community. Though still growing, we found in each other a community of similarly minded students, growing up with comparable backgrounds. We understand each other's needs. Our goal on campus is to bring a greater awareness to socioeconomic differences while encouraging community building through service-based events. Feel free to explore our page to find out what other things we've been up to!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Emily Chan, Dartmouth '16



Chapter Leadership

Emily Chan, '16

Ilenna Jones, '15


Kelsey Justis, '16

Ramtin Rahmani, '16

Sera Kwon, '17



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Quest Scholars at Quincy Market (Boston Service Trip 2013)
Quest Scholars at Quincy Market (Boston Service Trip 2013)

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