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Letter from the 2013-2014 Columbia Quest Liaison

Bill Nguyen, Columbia

I try never to take an 8:40 class. I douse Ferris pasta with Sriracha. And if I can hear construction outside my window, I go to sleep.

I don't claim to have all the bits of wisdom you'll ever need on this vibrant campus, but as the Liaison of our QSN chapter at Columbia, I can promise to tell you only the truth. The truth is that 8:40 a.m. in college speak equates to 4 a.m. in high school speak. The truth is that Ferris pasta tastes like cardboard unless you give it the hot sauce treatment. And the truth is that you shouldn't always squander the prime of your youth on late nights with books instead of friends.

Why am I so eager to share my tips, you ask? Well, last year, as I was in a frenzy to turn in a paper, I ran past a group of smiling prospective students to whom a tour guide uttered to her group: "Butler Library is amazing." And in my mind, I formed as articulate a response as 48 hours of sleeplessness could furnish me: "Really, though?" Not that I'd gotten suckered by any of these tours, of course - my first encounter with New York coincided with the day I had to move in - but somehow the incident riled me up enough that I've made it my life's mission to give you the truth as I see it: when to ride the subway, where to find authentic Vietnamese food, etc.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, I'm a double major in Math and Human Rights who's abandoned a land of sunshine and infinite greenery, but I've also brought with me the love and happiness and sincerity that I cherished growing up. Sure, I might not have come from the best of circumstances. Neither have many of you, possibly. However, I'm convinced that where you end up doesn't have to be defined by where you begin - that you should dare to defy convention because it dares to define you.

I look forward to being your friend.

Laughing always,
Bill Nguyen, Columbia '16



Chapter Leadership

Our Executive Board consists of 9 dedicated Quest Scholars. We meet bi-weekly to plan our general body meetings and events. All Questies meet twice a month for networking, community outreach, and peer bonding.

Bill Nguyen, '16

Terranisha Hiley, '15
Vice President

Daisy Fernandez, '15

Fatimatou Diallo, '15

Danielle Rojas, '14
Web Content Team, Service Chair

Lesley Cordero, '17
Ligner Vazquez, '16
Service OCMs (Organizational Committee Members)

Demarttice Tunstall, '15
Social Chair

Crystal Mejia, '16
Social OCM (Organizational Committee Member)



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