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Letter from the 2013-2014 University of Chicago Quest Liaison

Yorkbell Jaramillo, UChicago

The University of Chicago Quest Scholars Network (QSN) would like to welcome QSN members of all years and backgrounds to our chapter! A special congratulations goes out to incoming first-years who will be attending UChicago for the 2013-2014 academic year. Oh, and get used to being called a first-year and not a freshman, because as you may have heard, this is Hogwarts. On that note, my name is Yorkbell Jaramillo (you can call me Yorky) and I’m a rising second-year majoring in Economics. I have the privilege of serving as the chapter's Quest Liaison for the academic year. So you may be asking yourself right now, what benefits does a UChicago Quest Scholar title come with? Let me clear things up for you.

As UChicago's Quest Liaison, I'll be building a cohesive community among all members in the chapter. You should all consider QSN to be a window of opportunity to meet peers from similar yet different backgrounds. Clearly, everyone was raised in different households - kudos to diversity! In one way or another, we all struggled in the early parts of our lives. But that’s okay because as we took one step back, we also took two steps forward. Imagine attending UChicago’s Quest Scholars Welcome Event as striding over yet another hurdle.

Some of you may have applied to UChicago envisioning it as your dream school; the rest of you may have applied without even visiting. Regardless, let the best four years of your life begin. Even as a cliché statement, I still can’t stress it enough. To speak a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in New York City and attended Stuyvesant High School. I grew up in a Hispanic household of just two, so I consider my mother to be my best friend. I succeeded in high school by making the best selection of friends and of course, studying hard. Running cross-country and track certainly helped out with the hectic times. In fact, I still run cross-country and track in college. I still study hard. And I still make the best selection of friends. In fact, I’m having more fun. So what exactly has changed? After attending UChicago for at least a week, you’ll be able to answer that question better than anyone else.

I’m extremely proud to be a Quest Scholar and hope to pass on my strong chapter affection to the next generation. My best advice: studying is important to get good grades and a good career, but your memorable college experiences will come from the activities you partake in outside of studying. Accept what you can’t change, and change what you can’t accept.

Yorkbell Jaramillo, University of Chicago '16



Chapter Leadership

Yorkbell Jaramillo, '16
Liaison & Treasurer

Vincente Perez, '16

Josh Miller, '17
Vice President

Jessica Covil, '16

Lynda Lopez, '14
Community Organizer

Natalia Delery, '17
Social Chair

Adam Freymiller, '17
Alternative Officer



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