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Letter from the 2014-2015 University of Chicago Quest Liaison

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To all new UChicago Questies, congratulations! Welcome to The University of Chicago QSN Chapter! To all returning members, congratulations, and welcome back as well, because being a Quest Scholar at the University of Chicago is a gift that keeps on giving!

My name is Josh Miller, and I am your devoted Quest Liaison. I help keep the UChicago QSN Chapter like denim: strong and close-knit; I also connect our chapter with the Quest HQ in California. Going to college can be unsettling, but I'm here to help you feel comfortable.

The University of Chicago, or UChicago (or Hogwarts...), grants its students all the benefits of being an elite liberal arts school, without the obnoxious title. We have an excellent core program, as well as dozens and dozens of majors to choose from, all complemented by a wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. We have student groups for nearly any interest or culture. And there are plenty of athletic ones too.

This year our chapter will be bigger than ever, and here, the Quest Scholars are as diverse and incredible as possible. I envision this chapter as a group of people you can voice your concerns to and find support, or just relax and maybe share a good laugh. What you heard is true, your time here will be the best four years of your life. Just be sure to take time to think about what you want out of it. We have all been through some serious struggles, but your Quest Scholar title lets you remind yourself: "I made it." No one expects you to be invincible, but when you're going through it, no matter how hot the fire gets, remember that you can always rise again. Like us Quest Scholars. Like Chicago. Like a Phoenix.

Your Quest Liaison,
Josh Miller ‘17


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