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Letter from the 2014-2015 Carleton Quest Liaison

sasha blinnikova

Hello, and welcome to the Carleton College Quest Scholars page! I'm Sasha Blinnikova, a sophomore here at Carleton, and I'm incredibly excited to be Liaison for 2014-2015 school year. There are many things I could tell you about Carleton, the gorgeous campus, the quaint city of Northfield, or the not-as-cold-as-you-think state of Minnesota. However, I think I'll stick to telling you about one of my favorite traditions here on campus.

Every Friday, students are able to buy each other flowers to put into mailboxes - anonymously, or with a note. Each Friday, I walk past hundreds of these flowers and the sight makes me smile. The Carleton community is known for being "Minnesota nice", with a vibrant student body comprised of talented, caring, intelligent people. Everyone comes from different and unique backgrounds, eager to learn. As Quest Scholars, we acknowledge that sometimes this background may have been tough. There are many obstacles we have had to overcome, many lessons we have learned. We know that our journey isn't over yet, and we meet to support each other, to get to know each other, to have fun. We are firm believers that where you came from does not determine where you end up.

If you're visiting this page as a high school student thinking about college applications, know that you are strong, intelligent, and have so much to offer the world. If you're visiting this page as a fellow Quest Scholar or as a prospective student, we would love to get to know you! Ask us questions, we don't bite. If you're visiting this page as a current student, alum, or staff member, know that it's the individuals living, learning, and working at Carleton that make it one of the happiest colleges in the nation. If you're visiting this page as a member of the QuestBridge staff, as a parent, teacher, coach, or mentor - thank you for your help, patience, and confidence in our abilities.

Even if it's not Friday, think of this as your "Friday Flower". Here's to a great year!

Your Quest Liaison,
Sasha E. Blinnikova ‘17



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Scavenger Hunt & Picnic - Welcome Event 2013
Scavenger Hunt & Picnic - Welcome Event 2013

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