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Welcome to the 
Quest Scholars Network



Our History

The formal launch of the Quest Scholars Network (QSN) in 2009 marked the beginning of new opportunities for thousands of Quest Scholars recognized by top-tier colleges for their achievements. These Quest Scholars started their journey together as finalists for the QuestBridge National College Match and went on to receive acceptance to QuestBridge's partner colleges, either with full scholarships or generous financial aid. Quest Scholars also include students who attended QuestLeadership, a five-week summer program that ran from 1994 to 2005. Quest Scholars demonstrate a shared commitment to ensuring equitable access to education. This website is their place to share their personal, academic, and professional interests; connect with one another and with new opportunities; and inspire current and future Quest Scholars.

The QSN is an outgrowth of the Quest Scholars Program, founded in 1994 by Stanford University graduates Michael McCullough and Ana Rowena McCullough. Rooted in social and intellectual engagement, the Quest mission from the outset has been to increase access to education across the socioeconomic spectrum. The ultimate goal is to find common ground upon which Quest Scholars can nourish their potential to become outstanding individuals with the ability to effect meaningful change within themselves and their communities.

Our Mission

The Quest Scholars Network (QSN) is committed to providing personal growth opportunities for individuals who were selected as National College Match Finalists and matriculated into QuestBridge partner colleges. We aim to build a supportive and welcoming community for these Quest Scholars by furthering their access to academic, leadership, and social service opportunities, thereby narrowing the gap between talented low-income college students and their peers. Each QSN chapter is founded upon a commitment to these ideals. We also aim to strengthen our national network through inter-chapter cooperation and coordination. As a powerful advocate for its members and the communities they impact, QSN harnesses the tremendous talent and passion of Quest Scholars nationwide to serve the greater good.




Connecting high-achieving, low-income high school students to America's best universities and opportunities.