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Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Who is a Quest Scholar?

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A: A Quest Scholar is a student who was selected as a finalist for the QuestBridge National College Match program and currently attends or has graduated from a QuestBridge partner college.

Q: What is the Quest Scholars Network?

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A: Formally launched in 2009, the Quest Scholars Network (QSN) is a venture of the Quest Scholars Program that links Quest Scholars across the country with one another and with scholarship, leadership, and service opportunities. Through QSN, students have access to academic and social resources from their campus chapters and funding for service-based projects. They also have a chance to spread the word about the affordability of college for low-income students by serving as Ambassadors (formerly PACT) to high schools, Group Leaders at QuestBridge College Admissions Conferences, and Liaisons between their campus and the national QSN headquarters in California.

Q: What is the difference between The Quest Scholars Program, the Quest Scholars Network, and QuestBridge, and how do the three connect?

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A: The Quest Scholars Program, founded in 1994 by Stanford graduates Michael and Ana McCullough, is the parent program of QuestBridge (QB) and the Quest Scholars Network (QSN).
QB connects high-achieving low-income students with scholarships to top-tier colleges across the country. A student who becomes a finalist in QB's National College Match program and enrolls at a QB partner college is considered a Quest Scholar. All Quest Scholars are invited to take part in activities sponsored by QSN. QSN's goal is to foster leadership, mentorship, and friendship on and between QB partner campuses.
QB and QSN share an office in downtown Palo Alto, and their work intersects in many ways, particularly through Ambassadors and Group Leaders.

Campus Chapters

Q: What are the Quest Scholars Network chapters, and how can I get involved as a Quest Scholar?

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A: Each of QuestBridge’s partner colleges has a growing organization of Quest Scholars on its campus. While each chapter emerges as a unique group that reflects the interests of those involved, all Quest Scholar members are committed to supporting and empowering each other and embodying the values of the national organization: scholarship, leadership, and service.
If you want to help lead your chapter, we encourage you to play a role in shaping your chapter’s identity and focus. When you get involved more deeply in one of several leadership positions, you can work together with QSN staff to plan special Quest Scholar events. We encourage you to go to a meeting and take on one of many key positions. We invite you to support our goal to make education at top-tier schools accessible to all outstanding students. Contact your Liaison (see "What is a Quest Liaison, and how can I become one?" below) to learn more about your college chapter and discover the many ways you can get involved with QSN and QuestBridge.

Q: If I am not a Quest Scholar, can I still be involved with the Quest Scholars Network chapter on my campus?

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A: Absolutely. We welcome all undergraduates with an interest in equitable access to education.

Q: How do we get funding for our chapter events?

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A: There are many sources of funding for chapter events. Many multicultural and student activities centers provide organizations with an annual budget or give money to organizations for particular events. If your chapter is not an official campus group/club, your Liaison can apply for funding through QSN for your Quest event. 

Q: How can I get my chapter registered as an official group on my campus?

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A: Requirements for registration differ from campus to campus, but at minimum you will likely need a constitution/charter document with a clear mission statement and plan for carrying out your goals as well as an executive board (e.g., President, Vice-President, Treasurer). Most campuses typically require that clubs have open membership, which we encourage all chapters to have. Stop by your student activities center to get specific details. If you find that you cannot get registered, that’s fine. You can operate informally as a Quest chapter, and your Liaison can seek funding for Quest events directly through QSN. 

Q: What is a Quest Liaison, and how can I become one?

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A: Each year QSN identifies a Quest Scholar who is willing to keep Quest staff informed of chapter activities through regular and sustained communication. The ideal Quest Scholar for this role is someone who is an active part of Quest activities on his or her campus. QSN keeps in touch with that person to share resources and information about opportunities and events. In return, we expect the Quest Liaison to share news, information, photos, and regular updates to the main office. If you are interested in becoming a Liaison, please learn more about Quest Liaisons and talk to your current Liaison about his/her experience.

Q: Who is my chapter’s Liaison?

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A: Click here to learn the name and e-mail address of your Liaison.

Q: What is a Lead Liaison, and how do I become one?

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A: Each Lead Liaison supports and mentor several Liaisons in a "color team" from a particular geographic region and keeps in regular contact with the QSN team. Former Quest Liaisons are eligible to apply. 
If you'd like to contact your region's Lead Liaison, please click here for more information. 

Other Opportunities

Q: What is a Group Leader, and how can I become one?

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A: All Quest Scholars are invited to apply to be Group Leaders at the annual QuestBridge College Admissions Conferences, typically held in May and June. These events bring together hundreds of outstanding low-income high school juniors who aspire to attend top-tier colleges, offering Group Leaders an opportunity to pass on to younger students the knowledge they have gained through their own successful college application process. The Quest staff provides training, and volunteers get the chance to meet other Quest Scholars representing many QuestBridge partner colleges. 

Q: Does the Quest Scholars Network provide any funding opportunities for independent projects?

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A: Yes. Summer Service Grants recognize outstanding summer project proposals by Quest Scholars with grants that financially support Quest Scholars’ work, volunteer activities, or research. Selection criteria for projects include: the presence of a public service element; its ability to live up to Quest ideas of scholarship, leadership, and service; originality of thought; a well-organized plan; and its relevance to the applicant's history of academic or service work. 

Q: Are there summer internships available at Quest?

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A: We encourage Quest Scholars to submit an application for full-time summer internships at the Quest Scholars Program in Palo Alto, California. Each summer we select several interns to work on various teams: College Relations, Student Recruitment, and the Quest Scholars Network. 
These internships are paid ($3,500 for 10 weeks, in most cases). Interns are required to find their own transportation and housing in the Palo Alto area.

Q: What is the purpose of the Quest Scholars Network website?

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A: This website is a place for thousands of Quest Scholars to share their personal, academic, and professional interests; connect each other with opportunities; and inspire future Quest Scholars. The site is a networking resource for Quest Scholars as well as the main place for QuestBridge applicants to learn what it's like to be a Quest Scholar at each QuestBridge partner college.


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